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Prepare yourselves for a battle of epic proportions between two titans! Feast upon their voices and revel in their words. This is Dueling Ogres! A no-holds-barred podcast about anything under the sun that could be discussed by two nerds (Brandon and Remington) with too much time on their hands! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll troll them for cookies. They probably won't make you any, though.

Episode 137: Star Wars IRL?

Dec 30, 2017

Rem still hasn’t seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but that won’t stop the guys from dishing out could have beens for reasons and things! Want this to make any more sense? Then you’d better tune in, and fast!

The content, all times a rough estimate:

0:16:44 – Star Wars: The Last Jedi impressions
0:24:33 – AMC...


Dec 24, 2017

Break out that mistletoe and hang it where all can see! We share some interesting holiday facts and read you a custom-made poem that certainly doesn’t rip off a classic!

Listen in for the explanation of this creepy picture!

Mistletoe, Christmas tree, and Bizarre Christmas...

Episode 135: Meatier Spaceship

Dec 15, 2017

We take you for a ride on our spaceship to the far corners of the galaxy today! Asteroids & meteors, Storm Troopers & Star Trekkers! All are welcome on the USS Ogre!

Bring on the topics!

0:03:10: Rich Snippets
0:06:07: The Librarians, Season 4
0:19:24: Giant Prehistoric Penguins
0:25:32: Quentin Tarantino Rated R Star...

Episode 134: Disney Murders Fox on the EA Battlefront

Dec 4, 2017

Just when you thought Monopoly was about more than just properties, Disney resumes discussions to buy some from 21st Century Fox!

We start a little slow and awkward this episode, so bear with us! It picks up steam just as the murders on the Orient Express start flowing in.

0:21:43 Disney in talks to buy 21st Century...

Episode 133: Happy Turkey Day (Thanksgiving)

Nov 23, 2017

This week Brandon and Rem take you to a fancy Thanksgiving play in New York!  Of course, the director put his own spin on Wade Bradford’s masterpiece “Terri and the Turkey,” but we think you’ll still enjoy the show!

Don’t forget that shirts are on...