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Prepare yourselves for a battle of epic proportions between two titans! Feast upon their voices and revel in their words. This is Dueling Ogres! A no-holds-barred podcast about anything under the sun that could be discussed by two nerds (Brandon and Remington) with too much time on their hands! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll troll them for cookies. They probably won't make you any, though.

Dec 16, 2016

This week Brandon recaps his life-altering events in Final Fantasy XV and how both of our lives are seemingly devoid of any true excitement! Is life just a construct of our imaginations? Are we living our dreams or surviving our nightmares?! Did you know that ants were farming long before humans, dinosaurs had feathers, and artificial intelligence can now write its own terrifying Christmas carols?! It's pretty neat! Pull out your Robo Rosewater Magic decks and play by the hearth! Did you know there's another Spiderman movie coming out? And they're starting at the beginning again? It's going to be awesome, guys! Seriously though, Tom Holland as Peter Parker, Marisa Tomei as Aunt May, and Michael freaking Keaton as the Vulture? It's probably going be epic, Stick around in the outtakes to hear the trailer, or watch it below on our website! I wonder why Keaton has this sudden fascination with playing avian characters? Oh, don't forget! Friend of the show and resident Viscount (pronounced "v'eye-count") Terry W. Ervin II's new book Thunder Wells is out in trade paperback and ebook! Subscribe on our website to read a couple guest articles he's written for us, or click on the affiliate picture below to get your own copy through Amazon! Click all those sharing things forever! AMA (stands for Ask Me Anything, as in call us so we can play your question on air!) @ (978) DUOGRES ((978) 386-4737) (Intro uses the "Black Vortex" track by Kevin Macleod ( Licensed under CC by attribution 3.0. Outtro: Battle of Kings by Per Kiilstofte, licensed under CC by attribution 4.0 Int'l.)