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Prepare yourselves for a battle of epic proportions between two titans! Feast upon their voices and revel in their words. This is Dueling Ogres! A no-holds-barred podcast about anything under the sun that could be discussed by two nerds (Brandon and Remington) with too much time on their hands! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll troll them for cookies. They probably won't make you any, though.

Episode 130: Cries from the Cave

Oct 28, 2017

If you were looking to get CRAZY drunk, take a drink every time Brandon says “SPOOKY!” But not when Rem does it. He’s lame.

We hope you enjoy these several cries from the cave!

My Baby – Se7enHells 13:30
The Portrait of Theodosia Burr – 15:55
911 Calling – IndianaJone 20:35
Intuitive Advertising...

Episode 129: Okie Dokie, Doki Doki!

Oct 21, 2017

This week Brandon talks about our first perk with our new partner Humble Bundle, Rem gets the plugs in for the limited time to get a free copy of Civilization III (there’s little time left, check the link below!) We take a very quick refreshing dip into the darkness and pitiful void that is Doki Doki Literature Club....

Episode 128: Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Porgs

Oct 16, 2017

The first rule about Porgs fight club is don’t talk about Porgs fight club. The first rule about sexual misconduct is the exact opposite! Even after saying we weren’t going to, we talk a bit about the Harvey Weinstein allegations; though we do stray more on the fact that Twitter blocked Rose McGowan after telling...

Episode 127: Any Portmanteau in the Storm

Oct 6, 2017

Thank you for purchasing the Dueling Ogres “Power Pack”™! Please enjoy these news stories with no extra purchase necessary (probably).

Always getting grumpy? Scientists in Britain tell you why! (

There’s a whole slew of comic news, including Venom movie news, the new Hellboy movie,...