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Prepare yourselves for a battle of epic proportions between two titans! Feast upon their voices and revel in their words. This is Dueling Ogres! A no-holds-barred podcast about anything under the sun that could be discussed by two nerds (Brandon and Remington) with too much time on their hands! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll troll them for cookies. They probably won't make you any, though.

Jan 28, 2021

Our top story is about a Danish man and his wing-dang doodle! Did we mention this is a kids show called John Dillermand? You've got questions? do we!

0:11:18 Danish kid's show John Dillermand about a man and his pee-pee!
0:21:35 D&D Candlekeep Mysteries
0:38:04 Steam's crazy 2020 increase
0:46:32 Chis Evans...

Jan 13, 2021

This week is an extra-long episode, but the big highlight is Brandon dropping some KFC tech on Rem with a massive, hammering blow!

0:28:36 James Gunn confirms R rating for Suicide Squad – remember the empanadas!
0:32:33 Wonder Woman closes in on 30M
0:35:36 WB greenlights Wonder Woman 3 despite meh reviews